About The Club


Land speed racing is the search for speed. Period. Not acceleration. Not maneuverability. But top speed. Faster....... this is the thought that drives us to do what we do. Never satisfied with what we have achieved, we are always looking for that extra 1 mph, a tweak here, an adjustment there. This is not a new concept, throughout time man has strived to go faster, foot races, horse races, bicycle races, then the automobile........... and the real search for speed began.


Who are LSR? Well, we are an organized group (non profit club) of people who are all from different walks of life with one thing in common, the search for speed. LSR is made up of men & women who all have this common goal. Using either modified production cars/motorcycles or specially built machines for the sole purpose of achieving the fastest speed they can, to be the best they can and squeeze every last piece out of man and machine to go that little bit faster every run. LSR is based in So. California, and has 65+ members. LSR is a member club of a larger sanctioning body called the Southern California Timing Assoc. SCTA is responsible for organizing and running speed trial events. The SCTA is made up of 12 member clubs which are: Eliminators, Gear Grinders, Gold Coast Roadsters, High Desert Racers, Lakers, LSR, Milers, Rod Riders, Road Runners, San Diego Roadster club, Sidewinders and Super Fours.

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